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Apply for Funding

Dog Lover

Vet Partners Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring no pet goes without the necessary veterinary care due to financial constraints.

We are proud to offer a simple and accessible application process for pet owners in need and are committed to providing the resources and assistance needed to keep pets healthy and happy.

Does your pet not have access to an established veterinarian? We are happy to help find a solution!

Please fill out the application below and send it in an email to

Remember to include the following in your email:

1. Your application
2. Proof of hardship (as outlined on the application). Proof must be current and must show the name of the person applying for funds


Note: by receiving funds from Vet Partners Cares you are consenting to allow us to use photos of your pet and written and/or verbal descriptions of the situation for any advertisements, website, social media posts, etc whether in print, digital, televised, etc.

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