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Success Stories

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Stella experienced an unfortunate injury resulting in a broken humerus which led her family to apply to Vet Partners Cares. After approval, Stella's family received the necessary financial assistance for her surgery, ultimately leading to her complete recovery.


Meet Max, a 9-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who was suffering from significant dental disease, including gingival recession and mobile teeth, causing him immense discomfort. Max's owner was worried about affording the necessary treatment. Fortunately, with the support of Vet Partners Cares, Max was able to undergo dental extractions to alleviate his pain and improve his quality of life!

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VPC Bi-fold brochure.png


Osa came looking for veterinary care having been suffering from an unexpected pregnancy. Osa had been laboring unsuccessfully for some time before Osa’s owner finally realized Osa was having a severe medical emergency. On examination, it was discovered that Osa was very young and very small and was unable to successfully give birth to her puppies, in fact, her puppies had died some time earlier and her uterus had become Infected. Osa’s owner was young herself and did not have the financial means to deal with Osa’s life threatening emergency. The thought of losing her beloved pet and friend was heartbreaking both to Osa’s owner and to the veterinary team that was trying to help them. Through Vet Partners Cares, we were able to provide funds to the hospital team which in turn, was able to remove the infected uterus, educate Osa’s owner, and ultimately save Osa’s life.

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